Center State Youth Hockey Association

2022-23 Coaching Registration



This registration session will allow you to complete your Coaching registration and submit contact and certification data for the current season.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your coaching certification data available.  

Please be aware that once you are logged into the site and your coaching registration is submitted the first time it will be saved in the system and only updates will be required each year.


As of the 2022-2023 season, all elements for Coaching Registration with the exception of CEP need to be completed by September 1st.

COVID-19 Notice

Please note that at the time of this posting the COVID-19 situation is still at hand.  Please note that we are seeking input for coaching for the 2022-23 season but we are not yet quite sure what that season will look like. 

We ask for your continued support to CSYHA and  patience while we all still work through the current situation.


Reminder to all Coaches!

This is an annual reminder to all coaches to make sure you are staying abreast of changes as they come down from USA Hockey and NYSAHA.  Annual review of coaching requirements normally come out after we start accepting coaching applications to they may change between when you register and when the season starts.  Avoid not being allowed on the ice and check around August 1st for changes to USA Hockey coaching policy.

We try our best to update our information page for coaches (Click Link) but do not always get the most up to date information posted. You must also be aware of important requirements for players as well.


Coaching requirement changed normally come out between April and June of each year and normally concern (registration, screening, safe sport, age specific web modules, etc) prior to stepping on the ice.

As of about 2018 the in class-seminar (if required for your certification) is the only thing that may be left incomplete but must be completed prior to 31 December to remain a certified coach.    


After a player register with CSYHA an entry is created and one of the site admins will roster them on your team.  As coaches, is will be YOUR responsibility to ensure that a player is on your roster prior to you allowing them to participate in on-ice activities. 

This is most easily done by using the SportsEngine mobile app on the phone and making your team a favorite.  From here you can view the current team roster and it changes as the site is updated.  Admins work to ensure this is checked each day prior to practice but if you have doubts do not hesitate to contact them at


The following items can be found on the waiver section of this application.  They are provided up front as you may need to refer to these resources to complete your application.  Remember that this application will save some of your entry information from last year but other data points you will need to look up, hopefully the resources below will help!


Current season USA Hockey Coaching registration number.  Registration can be completed on the USA Hockey website:  

As of the 2021-2022 season the background checks for NY is changing.  

The New York State Amateur Hockey Association, in compliance with the United States Center for SafeSport and USA Hockey’s Affiliate Agreement, requires that all persons that have; regular contact with or supervision over minor participants, are responsible for enforcing child abuse and misconduct policies, are adults that have regular contact with authority over minor participants, adults in managerial or supervisory roles, new and current employees and/or volunteers, consent to be screened and complete SafeSport training.

Screening– for the 2022-23 must be accomplished using USA Hockey’s background screening partner, NCSI.  Successful screening results are automatically included in USA Hockey’s Registration database.

The Direct Link is

Screening is valid for one season. It needs to be completed every year.

USAH CEP  (Coaching Education Program) NUMBER:
Current USA Hockey CEP Number and expiration date (if applicable) .  Get your CEP # Here:
Completion of appropriate USA Hockey Coaching Clinic is accordance with
USA Hockey guidelines.  
Register for a course here:   Get information on required courses and track dates and deadlines here:
Proof of completion of the applicable Age Specifc Module for the current season.  Details can be found at the following site:
USA Hockey SafeSport TRAINING
Proof of completion of the Safe Sport training for USA Hockey.  Details can be found at the following site:

USA Hockey Registration NOTE

USA Hockey restarts its member registration around the April time frame.  Coaches are reminded to check the USA Hockey Registration website for information on opening day annually.

If you do register on the CSYHA coaching page prior to the annual USA Hockey coaching registration start date please  remember that it is your responsibility to registering with USA Hockey and update your annual number as soon as you an just after this date.

If you update SafeSport or your background check this off season or early in the season please also return to the site to update that information.  CSYHA will need it current when you step on the ice for the first time or after such date that relevant data is out of date.

MITE Coaches Pre-Seasson Note on Rosters

MITE Coaches, please note that all players will be rostered onto a single MITE roster as they register. After players have been divided into teams for the season a roster for each team  will be created and the players will each have their own team page.  Until those players have been subdivided onto teams you will only see the one MITE roster.


Please direct questions to the CSYHA Registrar :

Randi Jo Holdridge

CSYHA Registrar