Center State Youth Hockey Association

2019-20 Team Manager Registration



Welcome to the 2019-20 Regular Season TEAM MANAGER Registration for Center State Youth Hockey Association!

This registration session will allow you to complete your Team Manager registration and submit contact and USA Hockey Volunteer data for the current season.  To complete registration through our secure site, please ensure you have completed your USA Hockey Volunteer registration and have your assigned number available.  

USA Hockey Volunteer registration can be found here!

Please be aware that once you are logged into the site and your Team Manager registration is submitted the first time it will be saved in the system and only updates will be required each year should you continue in this capacity.


There is a link above for the Managers are on the CSYHA page that provides some basic data on your job you are taking on but ensure you speak with the coach and realize that your primary job is communication.  

Coaches differ in what they expect and what things they give up control on so work with them to be most effective. 

It is also recommended that you read through the USA Hockey coaching pages just to make sure you are aware of what your coaches responsibilities are.  You will be their second line of defense for reporting and compliance so awareness is key.

As always, if you have questions ask.  Other coaches, team managers or board members are here to help and make sure you have what you need to succeed for your child's team!

Thank you for what you are doing.



Please direct questions to the CSYHA Registrar (Kristina) :

Kristina Rodriguez

CSYHA Registrar